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                                    In Spokane Washington


                                MINIATURE GOLDENDOODLE PUPPIES

                         deposit/reservation now for October 4th pickup date
                                            Born August 16th 2014

                    Call Linda at 509-710-8554 for current availability




Hi.... please check out more pictures of me and my brothers and sisters in the tab at the left "PUPPIES AVAILABLE"

One of Chloe's past puppies at 7 weeks old.

Puppy from last litter


**    Call Linda at     (509) 710-8554     or      linda.goldenacres@yahoo.com



**  Pictures and History of Golden Acres is further on down this page   **


This is Conrad my Golden Retriever Sire with one of the Miniature Goldendoodle Puppies

                                   IN SPOKANE WASHINGTON

                       For information please call Linda at      509-710-8554 

                            or email at:     linda.goldenacres@yahoo.com 

For pictures of  past Miniature Goldendoodle Puppies from Chloe or Sheba, 

go under the " Past Goldendoodle Puppy Litters" 2nd tab down on the list at the left.

                                 GOLDENDOODLE PUPPY

                               GOLDENDOODLE PUPPIES

                                 Now a little history of Golden Acres......

Aside from the name in the website, I am now located in Spokane Washington.

I only occassionally have a litter so checking in periodically will give you the most up-to-date information about a current litter or what might be expected.  

 Home raised and bred only on a very select basis.  I only have a couple of litters a year so availablity is very limited.

Please use the tabs at the left to skip around to see pictures of the past litters of  puppies,  parents, as well as pictures of the ancestors of the Goldens Retrievers, which go back 6 generations.... 22+ years to 1990.

      "Serving"    WASHINGTON -MONTANA - IDAHO & BEYOND!!!!                             


  **  2.  AKC MINIATURE POODLES - Not at this time.

  **  3.  AKC GOLDEN RETRIEVERS -   Not at this time


                           "Sheba"  AKC Golden Retriever (Dam)

                   Conrad & Sheba (AKC Golden Retriever Sire & Dam)


                  "Conrad"  -- AKC GOLDEN RETRIEVER (Sire)


Conrad & Sheba with one of their Golden Retriever puppies playing as usualy..!!!!

CONRAD with his tennis ball..... almost ALWAYS in his mouth!!!


                                 GOLDENDOODLE 'CHLOE' Dam

"Chloe" is my F1 Standard Goldendoodle bred from Sheba (Golden Retriever Dam) & Maxamillion (Standard Poodle Sire) To see more information about Chloe please visit the tab at the left "Goldendoodle Mom - Chloe

Chloe  is 55 lbs and the most gentle, patient and loving dog. 

Chloe & Conrad


             G O L D E N   A C R E S   K E N N E L S   H I S T O R Y


                 Beginning in '1990'  Golden Acres first AKC Golden Retrievers.....

Raising one of the world's foremost loving family companions has been my greatest joy.

Pictured above are Winehart (AKC- Brightstars Colorado Gold) and Pauli Girl (AKC- Golden Acres Pauli Girl) 

Pictured here is the very begining of Golden Acres.  Shown in 1995, is Pauli Girl with 3 females, from her first litter.  She was bred with a sire in California: AKC Paddington Bear with amazing obiedience and show lines.  Milhous is pictured on the right, my new young sire.

This was the beginning of Golden Acres living on the Clark Fork River in western Montana.           

Because of his great desire to please and capacity for love and learning, the Golden Retriever has attained a reputation as tops in obedience, conformation, fine bird dogs on land & water.  Not to mention, he has an excellent nose for tracking and is also quite good as a guide dog, therapy dog, rescue and service dog, in any capacity. 

As you may already know, a Golden's greatest joy is just being with you and pleasing you.

Much of what you love dearly in the Golden Retriever is easy to find in the Golden Acres Goldendoodles.  Only after many request did I decide to start breeding Goldendoodles.  Now, after many years I have been extremely happy with the puppies that have been raised by very loving families.  And now, starting in 2011, the first Miniature Goldendoodles were available. 

I hope you enjoy taking a journey through the pages of Golden Acres.

Thank you for visiting.   Come back often to see what new.

~ Linda 

509-710-8554        Now located in North Spokane, Washington

or email me at:    linda.goldenacres@yahoo.com